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Hadith: I am leaving behind two things


Could you please inform what is the academic status of these two hadiths:

1. I am leaving behind two things: the Book of Allah and the Sunnat

2. I am leaving behind two things :the book of Allah and the Ahlu Bait

Outwardly there seems to be a contradiction, please enlighten.

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Arabic books on importance of following a madhab


I have a concern regarding teaching someone to follow a madhhab. The person is from a background where the family does not adhere to following one specific madhhab. The person’s knowledge is limited, as the person is young, and grew up in an environment where deen is hard to practice and knowledge is difficult to seek, because the government suppresses any kind of religious teachings.

Do you have any suggestion on how to teach someone with that background about madhhab. Also do you know any good hanafi books for beginners, such as “Heavenly Ornaments” but they all have to be in Arabic.?

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