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September, 2014

  • 24 September

    The number of Sahabah that narrated Hadith

    Question What is the total number of Sahabah (radiyallahu ‘anhum) that narrated Hadith? Can you kindly provide a complete list of their names?

  • 24 September

    Concern for the condition of other Muslims

    Question Is the following Hadith authentic? ‘Whoever does not care for the affairs of the Muslims is not among us’

  • 22 September

    Warning against degrading another Muslim

    Question Can you kindly explain the meaning of this hadith? “Whoever eats a meal at the expense of a Muslim, then Allah will feed him a like amount of Jahannam. Whoever clothes himself at the expense of a Muslim, then Allah will clothe him with a like amount of Hellfire. Whoever gains a position at the expense of a man and …

  • 19 September

    One reason Allah Ta’ala delays answering du’as

    Question What is the authenticity of the Hadith that Allah Ta’ala delays answering du’as because He loves the voice of the one making the du’a?

  • 18 September

    Hastening to do good before trials and tribulations

    Question I humbly request if you could explain the following Hadith: ‘Hasten to perform good deeds before the emergence of trials like pieces of a dark night. A man will awake as a believer and end the day a disbeliever, or end the day a believer and wake as a disbeliever. He will sell his religion for the trivialities of this …

  • 18 September

    Hadith? Women are not permitted to emerge from their homes except if extremely necessary

    Question Is the following hadith authentic and if so what is the commentary? ليس للنساء نصيب في الخروج الا مضطرة Translation: Women are not permitted to emerge from their homes except if extremely necessary…

  • 17 September

    A Hadith warning against the Shi'ah

    Question Kindly verify the authenticity of the following Hadith:  يظهر في آخر الزمان قوم يسمون الرافضه يرفضون الاسلام Translation: Towards the end of time a nation called the ‘Rafidah’ (a type of Shi’ah)  will appear, they will reject and abandon Islam.

  • 17 September

    Reciting the Shahadah when washing each limb in wudu

    Question Is there a Hadith regarding reading the Shahadah when washing every limb in wudu?

  • 16 September

    Reciting Surah Qadr after wudu

    Question  Is the recitation of Surah Qadr after wudu proven from Hadith?

  • 16 September

    Meaning and authenticity of the Hadith: 'I am the city of knowledge and 'Ali is it's gate'

    Question What is the authenticity and meaning of the following narration? ‘I am the city of knowledge and ‘Ali is it’s gate’ Kindly provide the correct meaning as the Shi’ah misinterpret the Hadith.

  • 16 September

    Raising the finger/head when reciting the du'a after wudu

    Question Is it established in any authentic Hadith to raise the Shahadah finger when reciting the Shahadatayn after Wudu?

  • 16 September

    The virtue of Qurbani/Udhiyah

    Question What is the authenticity of the following Hadiths: 1) There is nothing dearer to Allah during the days of Qurbani than the sacrificing of animals. The sacrificed animal shall come on the Day of Qiyamah with its horns, hair, and hooves (to be weighed on a persons good deeds). The sacrifice is accepted by Allah before the blood reaches the ground. Therefore …

  • 16 September

    Prohibition of using black dye

    Question Is there an authentic Hadith prohibiting the use of black dye?