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July, 2017

  • 13 July

    The state of relationships on the Day of Qiyamah

    Question Allah says in the Quran: فَإِذَا نُفِخَ فِي الصُّورِ فَلَا أَنسَابَ بَيْنَهُمْ يَوْمَئِذٍ وَلَا يَتَسَاءلُونَ ‘So when the Horn is blown, no relationship will there be among them that Day, nor will they ask about one another.’ (Surah Al Muminun, Verse:101). Does the following narration hold any weight and does it not vigorously clash with the verse of the …

May, 2017

April, 2017

March, 2017

November, 2016

  • 22 November

    When did Quran revelation start mentioning men and women together?

    Question Can you please verify if this statement is a Hadith and if it’s authentic. A woman came to Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) and asked him why all the verses in the Quran mentioned only men, [then after that the Quran always mentioned men and women.]

August, 2016

  • 23 August

    Description of thunder

    Question What is the authentication of this narration: Ibn ‘Abbas (radiyallahu ‘anhu) said: ‘The Jews came to the Rasulullah (sallallahu ’alayhi wasallam) and asked him what thunder is.’ Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) replied: ‘He is an angel among angels. He is responsible for clouds, he has with him swords of fire with which he moves the clouds where Allah wills.’ …

  • 3 August

    Explanation regarding the word ‘bukur’

    Question In the Hadith you have answered here, what exact time does the Arabic word ‘bukur’ refer to? Is it after Fajr but before sunrise or immediately after sunrise?

May, 2016

  • 5 May

    A flying carpet used during Mi’raj?

    Question Kindly provide the Hadith where mention is made of the transport ‘raff raff’ [A silken green carpet which was used to transport Nabi sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam] during the Mi’raj, its description and the reference please.

April, 2016

  • 21 April

    An unauthentic Hadith describing the person with perfect intellect

    Question Is this Hadith authentic and quotable? Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: “The one who fears Allah the most and takes careful consideration to abide by what Allah has enjoined and abstains from what Allah has prohibited has the most mature mind among you even though he does the least voluntary deeds.”

March, 2016

  • 11 March

    Keys of the treasure of the heavens and the earth

    Question What is the authenticity of the narration which states that Sayyiduna ‘Uthman (radiyallahu ‘anhu) asked Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) regarding the explanation of the verse ‘The keys [control] of the heavens and the earth belong to him [Allah]’ (Surah Zumar Verse: 63). Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said to him, ‘No one has asked me the explanation before …

  • 1 March

    A Tafsir of Hasan Al Basri (rahimahullah) regarding the beloved of Allah Ta’ala

    Question Is the following narration authentic? عبد الرزاق عن معمر عن الحسن البصري أنه تلا هذه الآية ومن أحسن قولا ممن دعا إلى الله وعمل صالحا وقال إنني من المسلمين فقال هذا حبيب الله هذا ولي الله هذا صفوة الله هذا خيرة الله هذا أحب أهل الأرض إلى الله أجاب الله في دعوته ودعا الناس إلى ما أجاب الله فيه …

January, 2016

  • 24 January

    Three pledges that Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) took from Sahabah

    Question What is the status of the following Hadith? Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: “Who will pledge allegiance to me on these verses [In Surah Al An’am, verse 151], that you do not associate any partners with Him that you are good to your parents that you do not kill your children fearing poverty   Whomsoever fulfills this allegiance, then …

December, 2015

  • 20 December

    One Tafsir of the last verse of Surah Qasas

    Question What is the status of the Hadith mentioned under the Tafsir of the last Verse of Surah Qasas, wherein mention is made that Jannah, Jahannam the ‘Arsh and Kursi of Allah will not perish when everything else will perish (just before Qiyamah)?