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August, 2014

  • 6 August

    An unauthentic incident regarding Sayyiduna Tha’labah ibn Hatib (radiyallahu ‘anhu)

    Question Is the famous incident about Sayyiduna Tha’labah ibn Hatib (radiyallahu ‘anhu) asking Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) to make du’a that Allah Ta’ala increase his wealth and him not paying zakah after becoming wealthy authentic?

  • 5 August

    Ruling on untraceable Hadiths

    Question I have read that some Hadiths are untraceable. What is the ruling on stories and Hadiths that cannot be found? Should such Hadiths be propagate or abstinence be kept. Jazakallah kayran for your efforts.

July, 2014

  • 31 July

    Can we observe the six fasts of Shawwal later in the year?

    Question I am aware that the Hadith says if one fasts in Ramadan and 6 more in Shawwal, one receives the reward of fasting the entire year as 36 fasts will be multiplied by Allah Ta’ala 10 fold which then equals 360. My question is: that Allah Ta’ala has promised (in Surah: Al-An’am, Ayah: 160) to multiply the rewards of …

  • 17 July

    A Hadith from Bayhaqi on the virtues of the fast and salah in Ramadan

    Question I  was told there is a hadith in Bayhaqi which says for doing one sajdah in Ramadan, a person gets one thousand five hundred reward, I was also told 70 thousand angels pray for a person who fasts in the month Ramadan (every day) Are these Hadiths authentic? JazakAllahukhairan.

  • 16 July

    The virtue of death in Madinah Munawwarah

    Question Will death in Madinah be a means of salvation?

  • 16 July

    Death on a Friday

    Question I’ve heard that if one dies on a Friday, he/she will be saved from the punishment of the grave. Is this correct?

  • 16 July

    Musa (‘alayhis salam) seeking cure

    Question It is constantly heard in speeches the story of Nabi Musa (‘alayhis salam) where he has a sickness and is told by Allah to use the leaves of a tree and subsequently gets cured. Then later gets a similar sickness and goes back to those leaves without asking Allah and doesn’t find a cure. What is the veracity of …

  • 16 July

    Hadith on the virtue of swimming

    Question  Are there any narrations indicating that swimming is virtuous in Islam?

  • 15 July

    Among the last people to enter Jannah…

    Question Can you please give the reference for the following Hadith: The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said that on the Last Day, when the last two souls are brought forth before Allah, they will both be condemned to hell. As the angels escort them to their final fiery abode, one of them wistfully looks back. Thereupon, Allah Ta’ala will command …

  • 15 July

    Will Nabi Ibrahim (‘alayhis salam) be the first to be clad on the day of Qiyamah?

    Question Will Nabi Ibrahim (‘alayhis salam) be the first to be clad on the day of Qiyamah?  Please confirm if this is true and based on authentic narrations.

  • 15 July

    The du’a that is commonly recited at Sehri/Suhur

    Question We were taught to recite the following at the time of sehri/suhur. Is it from the Hadith? Bi sawmi ghadin nawaytu

  • 15 July

    Another virtue for Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (radiyallahu’anhu)

    Question I heard a Hadith that says that Allah will show himself to humanity, return, and show himself to Abu Bakr (radiyallahu’anhu) alone (all for himself). Do you have a reference for this Hadith please?

  • 14 July

    Deeds done in Ramadan will last the whole year?

    Question We often hear that:  if you do good actions in Ramadan, you will get tawfiq to do it the whole year. Is it a Hadith?