Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was ordered to recite Quran to Ubayy ibn Ka’b (radiyallahu ‘anhu)


What is the source, and authenticity of this narration?

Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) told Sayyiduna Ubayy ibn Ka’b: “I have been commanded to recite the Quran to you.”



This narration has been recorded in Sahih Bukhari with variation in the wording. (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith: 4959-4960)

The Hadith is also recorded in the following Hadith collections with a few chains and slight variation in the wording:

  1. Musnad Ahmad, vol. 5 pg. 123
  2. Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah, Hadith: 30937 [worded just as in the question]
  3. Al Mu’jamul Awsat, Hadith: 447-1359
  4. Mustadrak Hakim, vol. 3 pg. 304

Imam Hakim (rahimahullah) has declared his chain authentic and Hafiz Dhahabi concurs. ‘Allamah Haythami (rahimahullah) states, ‘The narrators of [one of the chains of Tabarani] have been declared credible.’

(Majma’uz Zawaid, vol. 9 pg. 312. Also see: footnotes of Shaykh Muhammad ‘Awwamah on Musannaf, Hadith: 30937)



And Allah Ta’ala Knows best.


Answered by: Moulana Suhail Motala


Approved by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar


Checked by: Moulana Haroon Abasoomar