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March, 2014

  • 1 March

    Verification of the Hadith on signs of nur in the heart

    Question What is the status of this hadith? Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that when noor enters the heart, the (spiritual) breast of man expands. When the Sahabah asked for a sign of this noor, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Such a person flees from this abode of deception. He turns his attention to the abode of the Aakhirah (Hereafter) …

  • 1 March

    The exact wording for the du’a before meals

    Question I saw a question on your site and became curious to other similar types of du’as which are still being taught to our kids. One of which is the du’a before meals; do the following words appear in the Hadith?  bismillahi wa a’la barakatillah.

February, 2014

  • 28 February

    The reward for donating one date

    Question Is there a Hadith – that if a person give a date in the path of Allah, Allah will reward him with mountains in gold but if he give mountains of gold for name and fame (i.e, without sincerity) Allah will take him to task on day of Qiyamah. If so is it authentic?

  • 28 February

    Reference for a Hadith on riba

    Question Is there a Hadith that says ”The rules Riba (interest) do not apply between a Muslim and a Harbi [A Non Muslim waging war against Muslims]” and whats the status of the Hadith? I heard that Imam Az Zayla’i said its extremely weak.

  • 27 February

    Prohibition of slapping the face

    Question 1) Is hitting/ disciplining on the face, for example slapping etc allowed in Islam? 2) Is there any reference to this statement? ‘The place where the ustad (teacher) hits the student, will not be touched by the fire of Jahannam’

  • 26 February

    Reciting ya Nuru and ya Qawiyyu seven times after salah

    Question Is it sunnah to recite ya nooru and ya qawiyyu 7 times after salah whilst blowing on the fingers or putting the hand on the hand respectively?

  • 25 February

    Reference for Musa ('alayhis salam) putting coal in his mouth as a child

    Question I have a question concerning the report concerning Nabi Musa (‘alayhis salam) putting the burning coal into his mouth in infancy causing him to stutter when he spoke. Is this proven through sahih narrations or israeli one’s? Is this not against the honour of a Nabi?

  • 24 February

    Hadith about "kaffarah" for breaking the fast in Ramadan

    Question I read about the fiqh of Ramadan on one website and it says if one violates the fast while eating he must fast for two consecutive months as kafarrah. It said one sahabi ate in the day in Ramadan and the Prophet (sallallahu’alaihi wasallam) ordered him to expiate it by fasting as mentioned above. It said it was in …

  • 23 February

    Hadith on giving the elders first

    Question Is there any Hadith which mentions that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa salaam) once gave some drink (after drinking some) to the sahabi on his right and advised him to give it to the elder Sahabi after him.

  • 23 February

    Translation of part of the famous hadith on intentions

    Question What is the literal translation in english for the following part of the famous hadith on intentions: “ila dunya yusibuha aw imratiy yata zawajuha”?  

  • 23 February

    Du'a when wearing clothes

    Question The dua that is famous for wearing clothes is: “Alhamdu Lillahiladhi Kasani Ma Uwari Bihi ‘Aurati Wa Atajammalu bihi fi Hayati” Should this be read for wearing clothes on a daily basis or new clothes only? What duas are mentioned for wearing clothes on a day to day basis in the hadith?

  • 23 February

    Reference for the du’a: "Allahumma arinal haqqa haqqa"

    Question I was looking for a reference for the du’a: اللهم ارنا الحق حقاً وارزقنا اتباعه وارنا الباطل باطلا وارزقنا اجتنابه Allahumma arinal haqqa haqqaw warzuqnat tiba’ah, wa arinal batila batilaw warzuqnaj tinabah Translation: O Allah! show us the truth as true, and inspire us to follow it. Show us falsehood as falsehood, and inspire us to abstain from it. …

  • 23 February

    Hadith on Sleeping after Fajr

    Question There is a Hadith that the sleeping of the morning decreases the rizq (sustenance). Does this refer to sleeping and missing the Fajr prayer or does it refer to sleeping after performing the Fajr prayer? If someone sleeps after performing the Fajr prayer is he committing a sin and will he be punished for that?