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June, 2014

  • 3 June

    Should we hide our blessings?

    Question Should we hide our blessings so that we may not be affected by the evil eye? Is there any Hadith about it? Jazakallahu khayran

  • 3 June

    The call of the grave

    Question Can you please provide the reference for the following Hadith?

April, 2014

  • 16 April

    Should we address the deceased after burial?

    Question After burial of the deceased some people give adhan on the grave, they say “It comforts the dead in the horrid loneliness of the grave”, is the calling of the adhan permissible and is this proven from sunnah or the sahabah? After burial of the deceased some ‘Ulama do talqin to the deceased. Is this proven from the sunnah or …

March, 2014

  • 1 March

    The exact wording for the du’a before meals

    Question I saw a question on your site and became curious to other similar types of du’as which are still being taught to our kids. One of which is the du’a before meals; do the following words appear in the Hadith?  bismillahi wa a’la barakatillah.

February, 2014