Is this narration from Tafsir Al Kabir by Imam Razi authentic?

وروي أن إبراهيم عليه السلام لما ألقي في النار جرد عن ثيابه فجاءه جبريل عليه السلام بقميص من حرير الجنة وألبسه إياه، فدفعه إبراهيم إلى إسحاق، وإسحاق إلى يعقوب، فجعله يعقوب في تميمة وعلقها في عنق يوسف عليه السلام فجاء جبريل عليه السلام فأخرجه وألبسه إياه



This narration is recorded in certain Tafsir books without a chain. I have not come across a chain of narrators.

(Tafsir Razi, Tafsir Nasafi, Surah Yusuf, Verse: 15)

This seems to be sourced from Historical (Israely) sources, which may be quoted as historical quotes, since it does not contradict any of our sacred texts.


When Ibrahim (‘alayhis salam) was cast in the Fire, his garments were removed. Jibril (‘alayhis salam) brought him am upper garment from the silken garments of Jannah and made him wear it. Ibrahim (‘alayhis salam) gave it to Ishaq (‘alayhis salam) and Ishaq (‘alayhis salam)  gave it to Ya’qub (‘alayhis salam). Ya’qub placed it in an amulet and hung it on the neck of Yusuf (‘alayhis salam). Jibril (‘alayhis salam) came, removed it and made him wear it.”


And Allah Ta’ala Knows best.


Answered by: Moulana Suhail Motala


Approved by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar