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Some terms used to discredit narrators


1. What is meant by Muttaham bil-Khidhb in Hadith?

Is he accused of lying in general conversations or fabricating a Hadith?

2. Will lying in Hadith always refer to fabricating?

3. Will that be the same as Fuhshul Ghalat?

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The Hadith term: Fard Nisbi


Is fard nisbi technically a fard or will it be an aziz/mashur narration?

I have read that it is fard in relation to someone like a trustworthy narrator or people of one village and I have also read that it is when the loneliness occurs later on in the chain.

This is why I’m confused and not sure whether it is technically classed as fard or not. Please explain through an example.

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Strengthening factors for Hadiths


Could you kindly translate and explain the meaning of the following text from Allamah Sakhawi’s Fathul Mugith:

وقد يعرض المفرق ما يجعله فاءقاً،كأن يتفق يجيء ما انفرد به مسلم من طريق يبلغ بها التواتر أو الشهرة القوية أو يوافقه على تخريجه مشترطو الصحة، فهذا أقوى مما انفرد به البخاري، مع اتحاد مخرجه، وكذا نقول فيما انفرد به البخاري بالنسبة لما اتفقا عليه، بل وفي غيره من الأقسام المفضولة بالنسبة لما هو أعلى منه إذا انضمّ اليه ذلك.

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