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The application of weak Hadiths


I know the majority of scholars accept weak Hadiths for virtues bearing in mind certain conditions. However my question is regarding why weak Hadiths are also used for those things which are not related to virtues. I am confused regarding the wiping of the face after prayer, from what I have been informed is there are many weak Hadiths on the issue, however the wiping of the face isn’t virtuous.

So why would weak Hadiths be accepted in this example and others like it. Could you also direct me to any books where this is clarified.

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Usage of the term Maqbul


Can you give a detailed discussion in regards to the different usages of different Imams on the term ‘Maqbul’.

It seems as different scholars use the term flexibly.

If you can cover all the major scholars usages that would be appreciated. Read More »

Question about a Hadith being labelled Gharib


I wanted to enquire with regards to people of the same age narrating at the same level, like in the Hadith about intention. I have read that below Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu), three Tabi’un have narrated that Hadith.

Will it still be called gharib or will all the Tabi’in be considered from one tabaqah? Read More »

What defines a ‘tabaqah’ in a Hadith chain?


My question is in relation to the number of narrators found at every level, in order to class a narration as Mutawatir or Khabar wahid.

What is meant by each stage (Tabaqah)?

Many times, individuals narrate Hadith to people of their own age and their own generation. In this instance, will both the narrators be regarded as of the same Tabaqah or different Tabaqah?

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