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Distributing ‘Aqiqah meat


Please mention the reference and authenticity of this narration:

It was reported that Sayyidah ‘Aaishah (radiyallahu ‘anha) said concerning the meat of ‘Aqiqah, “It should be cut into pieces , cooked, eaten and also distributed.”

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The Days for ‘Aqiqah


Is there a Hadith in Al Mu’jamul Awsat of Imam Tabarani (rahimahullah) and Majma’uz Zawaid that Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said:

The ‘Aqiqah is on the seventh or the fourteenth or the twenty first.

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The narrator, Abu Ramlah


Could you kindly advise on the strength of this narration which I have sourced from Sharh Mukhtasar Tahawi, vol. 7 pg. 311, as there is a narrator by the name of Abu Ramlah

روى الشعبي وسليمان التيمي وغيرهما عن أبي رملة الحنفي، واسمه عامر – بصري – عن مخنف بن سليم عن النبي عليه الصلاة والسلام أنه قال: يا أيها الناس إن على كل رجل منكم في كل سنة أضحية وعتيرة

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