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Ibn Shihab Az Zuhri would ensure that he fasted on ‘Aashura


Can you mention the source for this please?

الليث: عن معاوية بن صالح، أن أبا جبلة حدثه، قال كنت مع ابن شهاب في سفر فصام يوم عاشوراء، فقيل له: تصوم يوم عاشوراء في السفر وأنت تفطر في رمضان؟ قال: إن رمضان له عدة من أيام أخر، وإن عاشوراء يفوت

سير أعلام النبلاء

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Reference for the narration on the risks of associating with an innovator


What is the reference for this narration on the risks of associating with an innovator?

Sufyan Thawri (rahimahullah) said:

“Whoever associates with an innovator puts himself at risk of one of three things:

1) That he cause trouble for others [his association with this person can be understood by others as his endorsement of incorrect actions or beliefs].

2) That one of these incorrect actions or beliefs would appeal to him, cause him to err, and lead him to Jahannam.

3) That he is driven to say, “I take an oath on Allah, I do not care what they [the righteous] are saying about him [the innovator with which he is keeping company]. I can take care of my own Din.”

Whoever relies on himself [instead of relying on Allah] to care of his Din will be stripped of it.”

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When reciting Quran, seek from Allah Ta’ala alone


What is the reference for this narration? Can it be quoted?

Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:

“Anyone who recites the Quran let him ask [all his needs] by it from Allah alone. For soon such people will come who will recite the Qur’an and ask from people”

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Ya’la ibn Umayyah (radiyallahu ‘anhu) would make nafl i’tikaf for an hour


Kindly provide the exact reference and number for this narration:

عن يعلى بن أمية رضي الله عنه قال : إني لأمكث في المسجد الساعة ، وما أمكث إلا لأعتكف

Sayyiduna Ya’la ibn Umayyah (radiyallahu ‘anhu) said: “Sometimes I sit in the Masjid for an hour, for no other reason but i’tikaf [optional i’tikaf]

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Reciting Surah Mulk at the beginning of each month for protection


Allamah Alusi (rahimahullah) has mentioned the following in Ruhul Ma’ani:

رأيت في بعض شروح البخاري ندب قراءتها عند رؤية الهلال رجاء الحفظ من المكاره في ذلك الشهر ببركة آيها الثلاثين

Is this established in the Hadith and will it be a recommended practice?

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Patience is essential for a believer


Please mention the reference for this narration as well as the Arabic text.

Sufyan Thawri (rahimahullah) said: “A Mu’min is in need of patience just as he is in need of food and drink”

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