Please comment and confirm if this narration is authentic?

Al-Burzuli said: “Our Shaykh Abu Muhammad Ash-Shabibi narrating from Talib said, “The Shayatin (Devils) of the east and the west became involved in a dispute. Who among them are the greatest deceivers (misleading people)? The devils of the east said to the devils of the west, ‘We are greater than you in deception because we incite a man to commit sin and perpetrate prohibitions in the abodes of the Ambiya (in the Holy Places).’ The Shayatin of the west responded, ‘We are greater (in the art of deception). We find a man with his wife and children performing the Fard Salah, paying Zakah and practising other acts (of virtue). He is in a state of comfort and his angels are with him.

Then comes along the (Hajj/’Umrah) agent enticing people to travel to the land of Hijaz (for Hajj and Umrah). Then we (the devils of the west) goad and induce him to come out (i.e. undertake the journey). We poke them with a knife (a figurative expression for the shaitani snare of enticement). Then he cries (yearns to go for ‘Umrah). Thus he emerges for the journey. From the day he leaves (his home) we induce him to neglect the Faraid (obligatory deeds) and to violate the prohibitions (of the Shari’ah) – from the day of his departure until the day of his return to his family. Thus, he is in loss regarding himself and his wealth in the east and the west.

Then the Shayatin of the east acknowledged the superiority of the Shayatin of the west in the art of deception.”

Al-Burzuli said, “Verily, I have witnessed some of this in my Hajj journey. We seek safety from Allah.”



This incident is mentioned in Mawahibul Jalil which is a commentary on Mukhtasar Khalil; A Maliki Fiqh book. Abu Muhammad ‘Abdullah ibn Yusuf Ash Shabibi (demise: 782 A.H.) reported from an unnamed person who narrated this incident using the words, “It was said…”

(Mawahibul Jalil, vol. 3 pg. 483, Al A’alam, vol. 4 pg. 148)


I have not come across a chain of narrators for this incident nor have I come across it in any other source. Narrations that discuss matters of the unseen and are reported in this manner are not suitable to use as proof.


And Allah Ta’ala Knows best.


Answered by: Moulana Suhail Motala


Approved by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar


التخريج من المصادر العربية

مواهب الجليل في شرح مختصر خليل: (٣/ ٤٨٣)
قال البرزلي: ولقد حكى شيخنا أبو محمد الشبيبي عن طالب من المغاربة أنه يقال اختصم شياطين المشرق والمغرب أيهم أكثر غواية فقال شياطين المشرق لشياطين المغرب: نحن أشد منكم غواية لأنا نحمل المرء على المعاصي وارتكاب المحظورات في مقامات الأنبياء – عليهم السلام – فقال شياطين المغرب: نحن أشد لأنا نجد الرجل في أهله وولده يؤدي الفرائض من الصلاة والزكاة وغير ذلك وهو في راحة وملائكته معه كذلك من قلة التبعات فإذا قال القوال في التشويق إلى أرض الحجاز ننخسه بسكين فيبكي ونحمله على الخروج فيخرج فمن يوم يخرج نحمله على ترك الفرائض وارتكاب المحظورات من يوم خروجه إلى يوم دخوله إلى أهله فخسر في نفسه وماله ودينه في شرق الأرض وغربها فسلم شياطين المشرق لشياطين المغرب شدة الغواية. قال البرزلي: وقد شاهدت في سفري للحج بعض هذا انتهى. نسأل الله العافية.

الأعلام للزركلي: (٤ /١٤٨)
الشَّبِيبي (- ٧٨٢ هـ = – ١٣٨٠ م)
عبد الله بن يوسف البلوي الشبيبي: فقيه واعظ من علماء المالكية. كان مفتي القيروان. وهو شيخ أبي القاسم البرزلي، وابن ناجي. له ” شرح لرسالة ابن أَبي زَيْد – خ ” في الصادقية. توفي بالقيروان.