عَنْ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ قَالَ خَطَّ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّ خَطًّا بِيَدِهِ ثُمَّ قَالَ هَذَا سَبِيلُ اللَّهِ مُسْتَقِيمًا قَالَ ثُمَّ خَطَّ عَنْ يَمِينِهِ وَشِمَالِهِ ثُمَّ قَالَ هَذِهِ السُّبُلُ وَلَيْسَ مِنْهَا سَبِيلٌ إِلَّا عَلَيْهِ شَيْطَانٌ يَدْعُو إِلَيْهِ ثُمَّ قَرَأَ وَإِنَّ هَذَا صِرَاطِي مُسْتَقِيمًا فَاتَّبِعُوهُ وَلَا تَتَّبِعُوا السُّبُلَ


Ibn Mas’ud (radiyallahu’anhu) reported:

Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam), drew a line with his hand and he said,

“This is the straight path of Allah.”

Rasulullah (sallallahu’alayhi wasallam) drew lines to the right and left, and he said,

“These are other paths, and there is no path among them but that a devil is upon it calling to its way.” Then Rasulullah (sallallahu’alayhi wasallam) recited the verse, “Verily, this is the straight path, so follow it and do not follow other paths.”

Please provide the Hadith number and authenticity



This Hadith is recorded by Imams Ahmad, Darimi, Bazzar and others (rahimahumullah).

(Musnad Ahmad, vol. 1 pg. 435 and 465, Sunan Darimi, Hadith: 208 and Al-Bahruz Zakhar -Musnad Bazzar, Hadith: 1677, 1694, 1718 and 1865)

Imams Ibn Hibban and Hakim (rahimahumallah) have declared it authentic.

(Sahih Ibn Hibban; Al-Ihsan, Hadith: 6 and 7, Mustadrak Hakim, vol. 2 pg. 318. Also see Majma’uz Zawaid, vol. 7 pg. 22)



And Allah Ta’ala Knows best,


Answered by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar


Checked by: Moulana Haroon Abasoomar