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  • 20 September

    The Hadiths in Imam Tabari’s books

    Question I recall hearing from scholars to beware of many of the narrations found in the History (Taareekh) of al-Tabari as many of them are weak. However, I wanted to ask if he was more stringent in his selection of Hadiths in his Tafseer than in his Taareekh? If so, did he specifically say that he will only use a …

June, 2014

  • 12 June

    Muslims using miswak in a battle

    Question  A very famous incident is always mentioned regarding the virtues of using miswak. In a certain battle the Muslims were suffering some loss. So the leader pondered over the matter and came to the conclusion that this great sunnah was being left out. He then commanded the army to use the miswak. When the enemy saw this, they became afraid and …