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March, 2017

January, 2017

  • 31 January

    A Tabi’i’s statement regarding sleeping with wudu

    Question Is this narration authentic? “Whoever retires to bed in the state of wudu and falls off to sleep while engaging in the dhikr of Allah Ta’ala, his bed will be regarded as a Masjid. He will receive the reward of being in Salah and dhikr until he awakens”

December, 2016

February, 2016

November, 2015

  • 12 November

    The multiple benefits of using the miswak

    Question What is status of following narration? Please provide its original source, and can it be quoted? It is written in Fadail A’mal like this.(more or less) Some Ulama say that in punctual usage of Miswak has 70 benefits, one of which is that the person will get opportunity to recite Kalima e Shahdat at the time of death. In …

September, 2015

  • 14 September

    Another du’a for after wudu

    Question I believe this is from Nasai, is it authentic?  اللَّهُمَّ اجْعَلْنِي مِنَ التَّوَّابِينَ وَاجْعَلْنِي مِنَ الْمُتَطَهِّرِينَ Allahummaj ‘alni minat-tawwabina waj’alni minal-mutatahhirin. O Allah, make me among those who turn to You in repentance, and make me among those who are purified.   This is the extra verse I was referring to in this question, I’m sure it’s in the …

  • 4 September

    Reciting the Shahadah after wudu

    Question I’ve been told that reading second kalimah (the shahadah) after wudu is Sunnah along with a verse of the Quran. Can you please confirm the narration, and it’s authenticity?

July, 2015

  • 31 July

    Wudu after eating something that was cooked on the fire

    Question Kindly please revert back to me with the authenticity of the below Hadith. As I have been rinsing my mouth after eating my meal whenever I am in wudu. Abu Dawud (Purification (Kitab Al-Taharah) – 195) Abu Sufyan ibn Sa’id ibn al-Mughirah reported that he entered upon Umm Habibah who presented him a glass of sawiq (a drink prepared …

September, 2014

  • 19 September

    Virtue of sleeping in the state of wudu

    Question Is this narration authentic? Sayyiduna Ibn ‘Abbas (radiyallahu’anhu) reported that Allah’s Messenger said: “Purify these bodies and Allah will purify you, for there is no slave who goes to sleep in a state of purity but an Angel spends the night with him, and every time he turns over, [the Angel] says, ‘O Allah! Forgive Your slave, for he went to bed in …

  • 17 September

    Reciting the Shahadah when washing each limb in wudu

    Question Is there a Hadith regarding reading the Shahadah when washing every limb in wudu?

  • 16 September

    Reciting Surah Qadr after wudu

    Question  Is the recitation of Surah Qadr after wudu proven from Hadith?

  • 16 September

    Raising the finger/head when reciting the du’a after wudu

    Question Is it established in any authentic Hadith to raise the Shahadah finger when reciting the Shahadatayn after Wudu?

  • 2 September

    A du’a before wudu

    Question Is the following du’a to be read before wudu? اللهم اني اسألك تمام الوضوء وتمام الصلوة وتمام رضوانك وتمام مغفرتك Translation: O Allah I ask you to bless me with a complete wudu, complete Salah, your complete happiness and forgiveness.