Kindly provide a brief biography on ‘Allamah Ubbi (rahimahullah) including information on his book.

Is Ubbi spelled as الأبي?



Muhammad Ibn Khilfah Al-Ubbi, (rahimahullah) was a great ‘Alim, Muhaddith, and Muhaqqiq (scholar of thorough research) of Tunisia. Since he resided in a town called Abah (أبة), he was given the title (الأُبّي).

He acquired ‘ilm from many great ‘Ulama of his era, such as Ibn ‘Arafah and others (rahimahumullah).

‘Allamah Ubbi (rahimahullah) has written a commentary on Sahih Muslim titled Ikmalul Ikmal (إكمال الإكمال), wherein he has gathered and (at times) elaborated on important points from the commentaries of ‘Allamahs: Maziri, Qadhi ‘Iyadh, Qurtubi, and Nawawi (rahimahumullah). He himself has also added commentary, and whilst doing so, also quotes his Shaykh, Ibn ‘Arafah (rahimahullah), from time to time.

‘Allamah Ubbi (rahimahullah) is known for his unqiue explanations of difficult discussions in Hadith.

Ibn Hajar (rahimahullah) has mentioned him to be the greatest ‘Alim of logic in all of North-West Africa (عالم المغرب بالمعقول).

He passed away in the year 827AH.

(References for all of the above: Sharhul Ubbi, vol. 1 pg. 47, Kashfuz Zunun, vol. 1 pg. 319, Al-Badrut Tali’, vol. 2 pg. 169, and Al-A’lam, vol. 6 pg. 115; Also see: Mu’jamul Buldan, vol. 1 pg. 85)


And Allah Ta’ala knows best.


Answered by: Moulana Farhan Shariff


Approved by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar