Please advise regarding the words

من وقر القران فقد وقر الله

Whoever honours/respects the Quran, has certainly honoured Allah

Is this from a marfu’ Hadith and is it suitable to quote?



This has been reported as a Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) with a few chains, as part of a longer narration in the following sources:

1) Nawadirul Usul of Hakim Tirmidhi, Hadith: 1357 (Darun Nawadir edition).

This chain consists of an extremely weak narrator. Several Muhaddithun have also declared him a fabricator.

(Refer: Mizanul I’tidal, vol. 1 pg. 260, number: 962)


2) Al Kashfu Wal Bayan; Tafsiruth Tha’labi, vol. 2 pg. 220 (Darut Tafsir, Jeddah).

This chain also consists of a fabricator.

(Refer: Mizanul I’tidal, vol. 1 pg. 193, number: 701)


3) Fadailul Quran Wa Tilawatuhu of Hafiz Abul Fadl Ar Razi, Hadith: 70.

This chain contains a weak narrator as well as other narrators whom I could not locate.


4) Tarikh Dimashq of Imam Ibn ‘Asakir. However, the wording of this version is slightly different:

من قرأ القرآن فقد وقر الله

(Tarikh Dimashq, vol. 17 pg. 189)

‘Allamah Suyuti (rahimahullah) has declared this version of Tarikh Dimashq a fabrication as well.

(Refer: Tanzihush Shari’ah, vol. 1 pg. 294)

The narration is therefore not suitable to quote.


And Allah Ta’ala Knows best.


Answered by: Moulana Suhail Motala


Approved by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar