Authenticity of a du’a after Adhan for the fulfillment of one’s needs


Is this du’a to recite after Adhan for the fulfillment of needs authentic?

اللَّهُمَّ رَبَّ هَذِهِ الدَّعْوَةِ الصَّادِقَةِ الْمُسْتَجَابَةِ الْمُسْتَجَاب لَهَا دَعْوَة الْحَقِّ، وَكَلِمَةِ التَّقْوَى، أَحْيِنَا عَلَيْهَا وَأَمِتْنَا عَلَيْهَا، وَابْعَثْنَا عَلَيْهَا، وَاجْعَلْنَا مِنْ خِيَارِ أَهْلِهَا أَحْيَاءً وَأَمْوَاتًا



‘Allamah Mundhiri and Hafiz Dhahabi (rahimahumallah) have declared a narrator of this Hadith extremely weak.

(Targhib, vol. 1 pg. 191-193, Mustadrak Hakim, vol. 1 pg. 546/547. Also see Al Jarhu Wat Ta’dil of Imam Ibn Abi Hatim, vol. 7 pg. 36)


See the reference and translation here.


And Allah Ta’ala Knows best.


Answered by: Moulana Suhail Motala


Approved by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar


Checked by: Moulana Haroon Abasoomar