Authenticity of the famous couplets attributed to Fatimah (radiyallahu ‘anha)


Is the following quote correctly attributed to Sayyidah Fatimah (radiyallahu ‘anha)? ‘Allamah Dhahabi (rahimahullah) has stated that it is not correctly attributed to her.

صبت علي مصائب لو أنها صبت على الأيام عدن/صرن لياليا



These couplets have been attributed to Sayyidah Fatimah (radiyallahu ‘anha). However, as you have stated, ‘Allamah Dhahabi (rahimahullah) has declared it unauthentic. (ومما ينسب إلى فاطمة ولا يصح)

(Siyaru A’alamin Nubala, vol. 2 pg. 134)


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And Allah Ta’ala Knows best.


Answered by: Moulana Suhail Motala


Approved by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar