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November, 2017

  • 23 November

    The book, ‘Al Ahad Wal Mathani’

    Question Can you provide a description of the book ‘Al Ahad Wal Mathani’? What is this book about? Is it reliable and who is the author?

April, 2015

  • 15 April

    Chapters found in a Jami'

    Question As I understand, in order for a Hadith work to be classified as a Jami’, it must contain 8 topics. viz. 1. Aqaid, 2. Ahkam, 3. Tarikh/Siyar, 4. Tafseer, 5. Manaqib, 6. Adaab, 7. Fitan. My question is regarding the eighth topic. Some say it is Ashratus sa’ah, and others say Riqaq. My understanding is that Ashratus sa’ah is …