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  • 15 May

    The nine books of Hadith

    Question Most of us know about the six famous books of Hadith, but I wanted to know about the nine famous books of Hadith. Which three additional collections are included and the reason for their inclusion?

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  • 23 November

    The book, ‘Al Ahad Wal Mathani’

    Question Can you provide a description of the book ‘Al Ahad Wal Mathani’? What is this book about? Is it reliable and who is the author?

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  • 29 July

    Names of famous Hadith books

    Question What are all the “original/main sources” books of Hadith that were not compiled from other sources? And in a sepearted list from this can you list the “famous” books which were compiled from “main sources”.

  • 27 July

    Books that assist in grading Hadiths

    Question What are some resources which you recommend for a non Hadith specialist student/scholar to consult in order to determine the statements of the muhadithun regarding the gradings of particular Hadith (in terms of authenticity)?