How sound is the Hadith

“Seek seventy excuses for your brother”?



I have not come across this as a Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

Imam Bayhaqi (rahimahullah) has recorded the following narration as the statement of Hamdun ibn Ahmad Al Qassar (rahimahullah) who says:

“When your brother slips up [commits an error], then seek seventy excuses for him. If your heart does not accept it, then know that the fault is within your own self”

(Shu’abul Iman: 10684)


This narration should be quoted as recorded.


And Allah Ta’ala Knows best.


Answered by: Moulana Suhail Motala


Approved by: Moulana Muhammad Abasoomar


Checked by: Moulana Haroon Abasoomar