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  • 24 May

    Reference for a tasbih to recite in Sajdah Sahw

    Question Kindly authenticate the following Dhikr which is said to be attributed to Imam Shafi’i (rahimahullah) to recite in Sajda Sahw (Prostration of Forgetfulness) and also please provide its source: سبحان من لا يسهوا ولا ينسى Subhana man la yas-hu wala yansa Also, I found a similar Dhikr for Sajda Sahw: سبحان من لا ينام ولا يسهو Subhana man la …

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December, 2021

  • 3 December

    Ensuring that one recites a portion of Quran daily

    Question What is the reference for this Hadith? We used to consider it one of the greatest sins that a man learns the Quran and goes to sleep without reciting something from it. عن أبي العالية قال: كنا نعد من أعظم الذنب أن يتعلم الرجل القرآن ثم ينام لاَ يقرأ منه شيئا

October, 2021