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The Great Hanafi Muhadditun


Is it true that Great Muhaddithun like Imam Yahya ibn Ma’in, Imam ‘Abdullah ibn Mubarak, Imam Waki ibn Jarah, Imam Yahya ibn Sa’id Al-Qattan and the likes (rahimahumullah) were all Hanafis?

I see some people saying they were anti hanafis and regarded them as ahlur rai and some supporting the claim that they indeed followed Imam ‘Azam (rahimahullah) and were Hanafis. Read More »

Usage of the term Maqbul


Can you give a detailed discussion in regards to the different usages of different Imams on the term ‘Maqbul’.

It seems as different scholars use the term flexibly.

If you can cover all the major scholars usages that would be appreciated. Read More »

Question about Mustakhraj


How far up can an author of a Mustakhraj go with his chain?

Does it have to connect with the original author’s teacher / teacher’s teacher or can it go further back until the Sahabi?

I have read somewhere that if it goes back to the Sahabi then the purpose of Mustakhraj is lost as it will be called a completely different chain.

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Hadiths of a narrator who occasionally errs


There are a number of youth online who are weakening all kinds of narrations on the basis that a narrator is Saduq, but makes mistakes, or has conjecture according to ibn Hajar. When a narrator is regarded as having a weak memory, or makes mistakes, does this render his tradition as weak?

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Narrations in old age


I was wondering about what the scholars of Rijal have said is to be done when a reliable narrator very late in his life narrates a tradition, but it can be proven either by the words of the narrator without doubt, that when they had narrated that their memory had notable defects and that they were very old.

Rather than being a ‘Sahih’ chain, would this invariably cause it in and of itself to drop to a Hasan level, due to memory being the distinguisher between Hasan and Sahih?

For instance, we find that Imam Muslim (rahimahullah) narrates in Sahih Muslim that Zayd ibn Arqam (radiyallahu’anhu) began to narrate a Hadith about Rasulullah (sallallahu’alayhi wasallam) saying he was leaving behind two weighty things. However every chain where he is said to have done this always starts with him first noting down his decline in memory, and that he has grown very old and that his memory has been affected, as he, despite being an upright companion, still was affected by the other causes of old age mortals suffer. We find Imam Bukhari (rahimahullah) does not include this tradition in his Sahih.

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Question about a Hadith being labelled Gharib


I wanted to enquire with regards to people of the same age narrating at the same level, like in the Hadith about intention. I have read that below Sayyiduna ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu), three Tabi’un have narrated that Hadith.

Will it still be called gharib or will all the Tabi’in be considered from one tabaqah? Read More »