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August, 2022

  • 3 August

    Impermissibility of wishing for death due to trials and tribulations

    Question Kindly explain the Hadith wherein a man will roll on the grave wishing he was in it due to the prevalent trials and fitan of the time. Is this action of the man positive or negative?   I was told that despite the fitnah, we should observe patience and refrain from wishing for death. Is the example in the …

June, 2022

May, 2022

April, 2022

  • 7 April

    A du’a Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) made in Salah

    Question Can you provide the Arabic text of this du’a, the reference and the full text of the du’a? “O Allah, by Your knowledge of the unseen and Your power over creation, keep me alive so long as You know that living is good for me and cause me to die if You know that death is better for me. …

March, 2022

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October, 2021

  • 11 October

    The death of a scholar

    Question What is the status of the following narration? موت العالم مصيبة لا تجبر وثلمة لا تسد وهو نجمٌ طُمِس وموت قبيلة أيسر لي من موت عالم

September, 2021