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June, 2015

  • 22 June

    Leading the Tarawih whilst looking in to the Quran

    Question Please clarify the issue of offering taraweeh prayer led by an imam who is not a hafiz and therefore reads from mushaf in a small community with no other masjid with a hafiz. Is it allowed? In defense people quote that Sayyidatuna ‘Aishah (radiyallahu’anha) used to offer tarawih led by a slave who use to read from mushaf ( al …

  • 22 June

    An untraceable Hadith on the abundant rewards of Tarawih Salah

    Question Is the lengthy Hadith stating the virtue of Tarawih Salah narrated from Sayyiduna ‘Ali (radiyallahu ‘anhu) authentic? “Performing Tarawih on the first night washes all sins, performing on the second night washes all sins of parents” and so on for all thirty nights

  • 19 June

    Alleged virtue for reciting the shahadah on the 1st Friday of Ramadan

    Question The following has become very popular on social media today- “If one prays the Shahadah forty times on the first jumu’ah of Ramadan, he/she gains the reward of one complete hajj. And the one who tells this to other people, gains the thawab of two complete hajj.” Is this from a Hadith?

  • 18 June

    The result of showing respect to Ramadan

    Question To what extent the following story is authentic? can you provide a reference? A Jew treated Ramadan with a great respect. Once, after seeing his son eating food outside during Ramadan, he said “Muslims do not eat during a day. Are you making fun of them?” and hit on his son’s head. After the death of this Jew, one person saw him …

  • 12 June

    An unauthentic reward for fasting in Ramadan

    Question Is the following Hadith reported in Sahih Ibn Khuzaymah authentic? “If the servants knew how great Ramadan was, then they would wish that Ramadan lasted all year. Indeed Paradise is decorated for Ramadan from the start of the year till the next year. The Hadith goes on to describe the reward a person will receive for fasting, for each …

  • 3 June

    Exact wording for the du’a at the approach/beginning of Ramadan

    Question I wanted to find out regarding the exact words of the du’a at the advent of Ramadan, I have seen a reference of Kanzul ‘Ummal, The common wording is: اَللّٰهُمَّ سَلّمْنِيْ لِرَمَضانَ وَسَلّمْ رَمَضانَ لِيْ وَسَلّمْه لِي مُتَقَبَّلا Allahumma sallimni li Ramadana, wa sallim Ramadana li, wa sallimhu li mutaqabbala. However I tried looking for the wording ‘wasallimhu li’, …

May, 2015

  • 25 May

    An unauthentic reward for performing Tarawih Salah

    Question Is the following Hadith authentic? Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: “Whomsoever reads Salah at night [in Ramadan], will get one thousand five hundred [1500] rewards for each sajdah, and Allah will build for him a house in Jannah from rubies which will have sixty thousand [60 000] doors. Each door leads to a gold palace embedded with red …

July, 2014