A clarification regarding offering two rak’ahs before Zuhr and the reward of offering the twelve rak’ahs of Sunnah Salah daily


Someone shared the following saying that if one does this then Jannah becomes wajib.

Is this authentic and if so which two rak’ah is it speaking about before Zuhr Salah?

Narrated ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar: “I offered with Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) two rak’ahs prayer before the Zuhr prayer and two rak’ahs after Zuhr, two rak’ahs after Jumu’ah, two rak’ahs after Maghrib and two rak’ahs after ‘Isha.‏” Reference: Sahih al Bukhari

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A Sahabi continues to pray despite witnessing his horse being stolen


I was looking for the following Hadith which ‘Allamah Qastallani (rahimahullah) has mentioned in his Al-Mawahibul Ladunniyyah:

ومنها حديث الصحابي الذي سرق فرسه بليل وهو في الصلاة فرأى السارق حين اخذه فلم يقطع لذلك صلاته فقيل له في ذلك فقال ما كنت فيه ألذ من ذلك

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A justification for leaving out congregational prayer?


Kindly provide the reference and authenticity of the following narration:

Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) has said: ‘Verily there were [many] prophets belonging to Allah [Ta’ala]; all of them used to hunt or search for prey. Regarding congregational prayer, your love for [wanting to attend] the congregation as well as its people, and your love for the remembrance of Allah [Ta’ala] and its people will suffice you when you are absent in search of sustenance [i.e. due to having to provide for yourself as well as your family]. Seek that which is lawful [halal] for [both] yourself as well as your dependents/family, for indeed that is striving in the path of Allah. And know that the assistance of Allah [Ta’ala] lies in commerce which is upright and pure [full of honesty, righteousness, piety, etc.]. Read More »

Falling asleep in Salah


I have received the following hadith. Please may I be informed regarding its authenticity.

Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)‎‬ said:

“If one gets up to pray at night and his eyes are overtaken by sleep while in sajdah, Allah will say to his angels: ‘Look my angels! This is my slave! His soul is with Me and his body is before Me. Record his qiyam for him and count his sleep as a sadaqah from Me on him.”

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Allah has ordained five daily Salah


I remember coming across a Hadith a couple of years ago which says something like Allah has made five Salahs obligatory and those who miss it will be punished but Allah will forgive if He so wills.

Could you kindly locate the Hadith?

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A description of Hatim’s Al Asamm Salah


What is the authenticity and translation of this narration?

يروى عن حاتم الأصم رضي الله عنه أنه سئل عن صلاته فقال إذا حانت الصلاة أسبغت الوضوء وأتيت الموضع الذي أريد الصلاة فيه فأقعد فيه  حتى تجتمع جوارحي ثم أقوم إلى صلاتي فأجعل الكعبة بين حاجبي والصراط تحت قدمي والجنة عن يميني والنار عن يساري وملك الموت ورائي وأظنها آخر صلاتي ثم أقوم بين الرجاء والخوف وأكبر تكبيرا بتحنّن وأقرأ قراءة بترتيل وأركع ركوعا بتواضع وأسجد سجودا بتخشع وأقعد على الورك الأيسر وأفرش ظهر قدمها وأنصب القدم اليمنى على الإبهام وأتبعها الإخلاص ثم لا أدري أقبلت مني أم لا

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The different versions of the Tashahhud


Please help me with this question:

Yahya related to me from Malik from Ibn Shihab from Urwa ibnuz Zubayr from Abdar Rahman ibn Abdal Qari that he heard Umar ibnul Khattab say, while he was teaching people the tashahhud from the mimbar,

“Say, Greetings belong to Allah. Pure actions belong to Allah. Good words and prayers belong to Allah. Peace on you, Prophet, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings. Peace be upon us and on the slaves of Allah who are salihun. I testify that there is no god except Allah. And I testify that Muhammad is His slave and His messenger.”

At-tahiyatu lillah, az-zakiyatu lillah, at-tayibatu wa’s-salawatu lillah. As-salamu alayka ayyuha’nnabiyyu wa rahmatu’llahi wa barakatuhu. As-salamu alayna wa ala ibadi’llahi s-salihin. Ash-hadu an la ilaha illa ‘llah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluh.”

Is it correct? I use to say the same since my childhood but now I noticed it is At-tahiyatulillahi wassalatu watayibatu, can I continue saying az-zakiyatu?

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