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June, 2022

  • 17 June

    A narration describing the dwellings of Jannatu ‘Adn

    Question Is this Hadith authentic? Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was asked regarding the Verse, “ومساكن طيبة في جنات عدن -The fine dwellings in the eternal Jannah.” He replied, “[These] palaces [are built] of pearls and in each building, there will be 70 rooms of red rubies and in each room 70 sub-rooms of green emeralds and in each sub-room …

  • 2 June

    Narrations that prohibit lowering garments below the ankle

    Question Kindly mention some Hadiths that prohibit the trouser of a person to go below the ankles

May, 2022

April, 2022

  • 25 April

    A narration attributed to Qa’qa’ Al Awsi

    Question What is the authenticity of this? قيل للقعقاع الأوسي: قُلْ لنا شيئًا عن الجنة يشوّقنا إليها. قال: فيها رسول الله ﷺ

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October, 2021

  • 20 October

    1000 palaces in Jannah

    Question Is there any authentic Hadith which says the lowest person in Jannah will have 1000 palaces and his kingdom will be 1000 years travel journey.